Exclusive Offer for New Year

Limited-Time – Exclusive Offer for all our Care Packages- Elevate Your Wellness Journey!

At Your Health we’re thrilled to extend our warmest welcome to the community of the North
Philippines. As a token of our appreciation for your support, we’re excited to present our New Year’s Promo up to 40% Discount on top of the existing package discounts! Embrace the opportunity to enhance your well-being with our comprehensive Care Packages.

 Emergency Care Package 
(Expires in 6 weeks)
8 Sessions to Relieve Pain and Nerve Stress

Original Price: ₱16,000
Special Offer: ₱14,400
(Save 10%)

Starter Corrective Care (Expires in 8 weeks)
16 Sessions to Begin Restoring Joint Function

Original Price: ₱28,000
Special Offer: ₱23,800
(Save 15%)

Intermediate (expires in 3 months)
28 Sessions for progressive correction

Original Price: ₱40,000
Special Offer: ₱32,000
(Save 20%)

Committed Corrective Care (Expires in 5 months)
48 Sessions Promotes nerve root healing, joint healing, overall health

Original Price: ₱60,000
Special Offer: ₱42,500
(Save 30%)


Receive up to 40% discount for all Spinal Care Services and Live Blood Analysis during the New Year!

Spinal Care Services:

Initial Visit: Consultation – Spinal Evaluation
Price: ₱2,500
Seniors: ₱1,800
X-ray and Blood Chemistries

Second Visit: X-ray Review, Spinal Adjustment to Evaluate Stiffness, Report of Findings, Recommendations
Included in the ₱2,500 payment

Subsequent Visits per Visit
Price: ₱2,250
Seniors: ₱1,600

Coming Soon - Naturopathic Services

Live Blood Analysis – Assessment of your Blood Health
Price: ₱750
Seniors: ₱500

PLUS: Complimentary Consultation for Health Improvement and Body Detoxification
Iridology Evaluation – Assessment of your Innate Genetic Strength
Price: ₱750
Seniors: ₱500

PLUS: Complimentary Consultation for Health Improvement and Body Detoxification
BioZapper – Helps to Remove Bacteria and Parasites
Price: ₱500
Seniors: ₱350


Colon Lavage – Cleanses the Body, Removes Toxins, Improves Health
Price: ₱1,500
Seniors: ₱1,000

Colon Lavage Package of Six
Expires in six weeks
Price: ₱8,000
Seniors: ₱6,500

Take advantage of this unique opportunity during the New Year of 2024!

Discover a Holistic Transformation:
🌟 Comprehensive relief from pain and discomfort
🌟 Rejuvenate your body’s natural balance
🌟 Guided by our expert chiropractors with a passion for your well-being

🎁 Plus, enjoy a FREE Wellness Consultation to personalize your sessions and maximize your benefits.

📅 Book your preferred package in advance, we have limited places available and before the offer expires on February 30,2024. Please place a space February 30, 2024.

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Globe number: 0966-319-2588
Smart number: 0908-468-5898

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Seize this golden opportunity to embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier you! Let’s work together to nurture your well-being through our tailored Spinal Care Packages. Your health is a priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.